Shattering Spring

In a class I’m taking now, The Yoga of Intuition and Creativity, Philip Goldberg invites us to take the time to meditate daily…and observe the results. I have experienced this and still I run from the potential for more space, fewer defenses. As if being in a good place is an undeserved treat, or some kind of threat. I can’t with all the running anymore.

Here’s what I keep forgetting: In that relaxed state – induced by a serious meditation practice – the idea, I’ve gathered, is to honestly look within and pick out the debris. Clear.  Painlessly release any resistance to coming back to life. From a place of purity, of communion, make a wish. Blow out the candle. Break through and illuminate. This clarity – a vision of unity – fosters patience, which makes life a bit easier all around. Less struggling when maintaining a regular practice. Clear eyed, realistic, and loving. 

Am still battling myself to STOP every morning (heavens knows what I’m doing that’s so important) and instead sit for longer than my usual spotty, eclectic sessions. My resistance makes no sense, because in general the sitting brings me better energy, or more positivity. I believe in the vision of unity that has been gifted to me. And there’s the time stretching thing too, reflecting a universal rhythm. Everything flows with optimal success. Not with efficiency always, but the failures carry good lessons. So. 

Agreed. Living in the moment is a beautiful place to be.  As my teacher Indu says, “Why would you want to be anywhere else?”

In that place, intuition and creativity thrive. So sit. Breathe. Time to tune in.