Challenging Practice

An ongoing challenge for me is to sit quietly with words from/actions by people I think are (often) unwittingly destroying life on Earth. Sounds dramatic, but IMHO some people’s disregard for decency, for kindness, baffles me straight into this sidewise griping.

But sit quietly I must. I try to imagine what they’re thinking, but see – what I imagine isn’t necessarily true. Each person alive has had his/her or some non-binary experiences in life similar to, but not the same as the experiences of anyone else. So I can ride a high horse, a la Putin, or I can work on purifying myself with a magnifying glass of honesty. 

Or, my thinking something doesn’t make it true, and just because someone pisses me off doesn’t mean I have to wrestle with them. Or, ruminating about another’s “wrong” behavior or speech won’t teach them to be more thoughtful or kind, and it sure won’t change the world. 

Yes, I am claiming a moral high ground. Either someone affirms life, or they react with horror to any/all perceived differences – running away from the reality that the world is chock full of differences. To be the former, the life-affirmer, I practice:

  1. Getting acquainted with outdoors, fresh air, nature. 
  2. Gratitude.
  3. Staying grounded as much as possible, by meditating daily.  
  4. Paying attention to what I say and do; recognizing non-alignment with my mission to  stay neutral and compassionate.
  5. Modeling my understanding of grace, often.

My friends would say, give yourself a break. I do. I do understand baby steps. 

Set an intention to model kindness.

Try to remember to self-monitor.

Develop a framework of disciplines.

Surrender to the flow.

Manifest connection to the universe.

In this way, I will serve the paradigm shift. Sometimes, I can’t/won’t be able to refrain from speaking up/asking questions when bumping into those with zombie-like behaviors. Since I don’t believe they deeply enjoy the death trap they’ve chosen, I will do my best to respond instead of reacting. Yes, this is hard work.

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Working together, we can change the narrative.

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