Boundaries: A New Way of Seeing

I had to light a fire under my butt to initiate a fresh look at the mess on my dining room table. I achieved this level of motivation by deciding to sell Oaklandia, my home. Moving to an apartment or loft will force me to simplify for real. It will make space for my life work. Whatever (as yet coalesced vision) I put my Self into and give from the heart will be helpful once I understand it better, so first I need space to examine what’s truly here. If I didn’t have a specific reason to “get rid of the junk,” as principal Almagno used to say, I would happily live in squalor.  I have a high tolerance for it, as exemplified by the state of my home now.

Cleaning, clearing my home, my soul…hating the feeling of waste that’s piled up, which recalls the greedy, nervous me…spiraling down I go. Why did I take what I didn’t need? Every bit of the saved bits must be useful somewhere, somehow, I think. I thought. Today though, that fancy gold top separated from its lower half (the tin that’s gone off now to contain a set of markers) has gone to the recycle bin. With a boundary established now, telling me what might be handy and what shouldn’t be obtained or retained, I can invite in essentials (only) and let the dusty crap go. 

Remember strength and flexibility. Release negativity.

Above all, set stronger intentions, I tell myself. I remind myself that setting boundaries banishes carelessness. I notice what serves and insist that the rest neither charm their way into nor remain inside my home.

As my friend Beth noted, making space by sitting in meditation leaves room for potentially beneficial…whatever…that needs to come in. I think it’s working. As I create inner space, I want that reflected in my environment, and vice versa.

While there’s so much more to do, I can only eat this elephant a few bites at a time. Every day, I spend some time on this endeavor, and then I release the effort until tomorrow.

I am motivated and determined to lovingly simplify my life, and that’s what’s new.

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