With prayer, is there any order? Any preferable way? What if I pray for someone and my “help her/him to find comfort and ease” isn’t what s/he wants or needs at the time? When does concern turn into control? 

I try to keep prayer intentions generic, but need to add “for [object of prayer’s] best and highest good” to avoid messing with a person’s trajectory. Here’s where I can get stuck. What trajectory? The path of the person’s next footfalls. When would I have permission to intercede? When should I express anything kind and potentially helpful? Never.

Sigh. This equanimity practice will be tougher than anticipated, but it’s what I need to focus on now: I am not the keeper of all knowledge. Functioning day to day, fueled by years of practice, I can refrain from choosing sides, except for social justice causes. (There is a greater good. Choose that good or don’t choose it, but keep in mind there are consequences for giving up on love.)

Even when we want to help someone we care about, we have to realize that person has to move through stages to wholeness in their own way. With this in mind, I’m stepping away from the belief that I know what’s best for people and am instead simply sending love, with no words, for support. Energy prayer. Because really, who knows the unknowable? I can make educated guesses, but I’m still only pretending to know the Truth. Experience can yield some understanding but not omniscience. 

I need to step away, and observe the world around me – observing for the sake of seeing more, seeing better.

I asked Isa about praying once, and she advised thinking about it as leaving a bottle of milk at someone’s door, without attachment to outcome. Will s/he bring it inside the home? Not my business from this point on. Following instincts, I prepared and delivered pure milk as a gesture of my love for the universe, keeping in mind that I am here to serve, not to judge.

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